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2023年 5月 27日 ー 6月 11日
13:00 - 19:00  *Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays



​​この度 SOM GALLERY は、山下 誠人 による初個展「Hazama」を、日本橋馬喰横山にて開催いたします。







例えば、作品「35.714033, 139.773860」では、ストレートフォトグラフィとして生成されたイメージをモニターへデータ出力を行い、投影された像を写真機で再度撮影するという連続行為に基づき一体となる作品群を生成いたします。











今回の展覧会において、山下は同シリーズ作品を約 28点を発表する予定です。



​SOM GALLERY is pleased to present "Gap",  the first solo exhibition by Makoto Yamashita at Bakuro Yokoyama in Nihonbashi.

Yamashita is a photographer and artist from Kochi Prefecture, who focuses on capturing and expressing events in the modern society that are hidden on the surface, and often overlooked, through the medium of photography.


In this exhibition, his first solo show, he attempts to deconstruct "realism as representation" by amplifying the errors left behind as waste when the photographic machine scans and projects the world we live in.


For example, in his piece, "35.714033, 139.773860," the images generated as straight photography are output to a monitor as data, and the projected images are photographed again with a photographic machine, creating an integrated body of work based on a continuous process.

The intention of this group of works, created by copying and compositing, is to show the divergence from the simulacrum from the perspective of a kind of landmark floating in a sea of data.


Although each of them cuts out and reflects the truth, the works created at the end of the continuous action exist as something far removed from the bare data.

This is the "Gap" that Yamashita's photographic apparatus projects.


Moreover, with Google Maps as a representative, the photograph shifts its function to the act of simulation and extends the real world. By following the imaginary world instead of seeking the real in the image that is simulated with bit data that leaves a gap in the surface layer, our sense of realism is unconsciously altered as we live in the present age.


In this exhibition, Yamashita will present the reality of the present moment as projected by a photographic machine, and present the chasm between our progressive perceptions.


In this exhibition, Yamashita will present 28 works from the same series.


We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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