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「TAIPEI DANGDAI 2024」参加のお知らせ

2024年 5月 10日 ー 5月 12日

SOM GALLERY は、2024年5月10日(金) から 12日(土) まで台湾にて開催されるアートフェア「TAIPEI DANGDAI 2024」 に参加します。


アルド・ヴァン・デン・ブロークとジョニー・メイ・ハウザーは、2023年10月にSOM GALLERYにて、アジアで初めての展覧会を開催いたしました。そして、SOM GALLERは、今回初めての参加となるTAIPEI DANGDAIにて、デジタルとリアルを絶え間なく行き来する現代において、人間という存在の奥深さやリアルの体験に焦点を当てる彼らを紹介します。






 - アルド・ヴァン・デン・ブローク

 - ジョニー・メイ・ハウザー

SOM GALLERY is delighted to announce its participation in Taipei Dangdai 2024 to be held in Taiwan from May 10 (Fri) to 12 (Sat), 2024.


At our booth, it will be presented works by Aldo van den Broek and Johnny May Hauser who live and are based in the Netherlands.

SOM GALLERY presented their duo show in October 2023, and it was their first exhibition in Asia.

We will be presenting their work at TAIPEI DANGDAI for the first time, focusing on the depth of human existence and real experiences in the present day that is constantly shifting between the digital and the real world.


Aldo van den Broek, who creates paintings from scrap materials, will present works on tatami mats, a familiar material in Asia, in addition to the cardboard, wood, fabric, and metal he usually uses.

Hauser tries to capture the obscure existence of human emotion by her photography.

She will present works of secretive visuals, intended to encourage viewers to explore introspection, isolation, and emotional intimacy, challenging conventional ways of seeing photography at this show.The exhibition will also be presented their first attempt at a large-scale collaborative work, created using their respective media.

We look forward to welcoming you to the our booth. 


The selection of artists includes,

- Aldo van den Broek

​- Johnny Mae Hauser

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